Monthly Fabric 101 Subscription!  Learn a New Textile Every Month!

Monthly Fabric 101 Subscription! Learn a New Textile Every Month!

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Learn a New Fabric Every Month!  

Let us welcome you to the Fabric Fix, Fabric 101 Monthly Subscription Service!  One of our favorite parts about sewing and designing, is learning about and trying new fabrics!  Our goal is to help you build your textile library and enhance your sewing skills.

If you are new to Fabric Fix, we recommend you begin with the Fabric 101 Starter Kit - this will get you started with 4 common knits, swatch cards for each and a special limited edition Swatch Bag!

What's Included with your Monthly Subscription:

A New Fabric (or fabrics) every month!

Fabric 101 Swatch Card (will include tips and tricks to help you sew & design)

Sizes Available:

There are 4 size options to choose from!  These options are based on the yardage you will receive each month.  For example, if you chose the Medium (2 Yard option), you would receive a 2 Yard Cut.  

Extra Small: 1 Yard 

Small:  1.5 Yards

Medium:  2 Yards

Large: 3 Yards

*Please note, Fabric Fix is a subscription only sister-site to our main website, 

** discount codes, reward points and shopping carts are specific to each website and cannot be combined or transferred between Boho Fabrics & Fabric Fix.  

Monthly Subscriptions will be charged on the 15th of Every Month and shipped the 1st-5th of the following month.  For example, if you purchased a subscription and signed up on August 1st, we would charge you on August 15th and ship your item September 1st-5th.

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