NEW!  Fabric Fix Starter Kit.  Learn Your Textiles!

NEW! Fabric Fix Starter Kit. Learn Your Textiles!

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Have you always wanted to learn more about fabrics but don't know where to start?  

Let us welcome you to the Fabric Fix, Fabric 101 Starter Kit!  This starter box will contain 4 of our top-selling knit fabric bases, swatch cards for each fabric and a Fabric Fix Swatch Bag to keep all of your Fabric 101 Swatches in a fashionable place.

After you have purchased this starter box, head on over to our Fabric 101 monthly subscription box!  There you can sign up to receive a NEW fabric and swatch card every month to expand your fabric knowledge.  

What's Included with your Starter :

Fabrics:  Baby French Terry Knit, Double Brushed Poly Knit,  Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit & Cotton Lycra!

Swatch Bag for Keeping all Your Swatch Cards in One Place

Swatch Cards for Each Fabric!  It will tell you EVERYTHING you want to know about your fabrics and help build your knowledge base


Sizes Available:

There are 4 size options to choose from!  These options are based on the yardage cuts for each fabric.  For example, if you chose the Small (1.5 Yardage Cut) option, you would receive a 1.5 Yard Cut of each fabric in the starter kit for a total of 6 Yards.

Extra Small: 1 Yard Fabric Cuts for a total of 4 Yards

Small:  1.5 Yard Fabric Cuts for a total of 6 Yards

Medium:  2 Yard Fabric Cuts for a total of 8 Yards

Large: 3 Yard Fabric Cuts for a total of 12 Yards

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